Enphase shipping higher power IQ8 microinverters in North America

Enphase IQ8X

Enphase Energy has started shipping its new, higher power IQ8 Microinverters — the IQ8HC and IQ8X — that are designed to pair with solar modules up to 540 Wdc. The IQ8HC Microinverters are available for all of North America; the IQ8X Microinverters are available in the United States.

The IQ8HC and IQ8X Microinverters have a peak output AC power of 384 W. The HC can manage a continuous DC current of 14 amperes. The IQ8X supports solar modules with higher output DC voltage and cell counts, such as 96-cells, 80 half-cut cells and 88 half-cut cells.

“Enphase is staying ahead of the industry by developing products that can handle the ever-increasing power density of new solar modules,” said Tom Chentnik, owner of Independent Green Technologies of Texas, an installer of Enphase products in the United States. “This will help to allow us to maximize value for our customers with newer, more powerful systems.”

In addition to IQ Microinverters, the Enphase Energy Systems in North America can also be paired with IQ Batteries, to offer an all-in-one solution that can be configured for self-consumption, savings, or full backup functionality.

The IQ Combiners consolidate interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamline solar and storage installations by providing a consistent, pre-wired solution that include an IQ Gateway, cell modem, current transformers (CTs), and more. These IQ Combiners can also connect the entire system to the internet to enable over-the-air updates and connect to the Enphase App monitoring platform.

“Homeowners come to us with a range of energy needs, from energy savings to complete energy independence,” said Ian Skor, owner and CEO of Sandbox Solar, an installer of Enphase products in the United States. “Sandbox Solar provides the highest quality self-sufficiency solutions through Enphase’s growing portfolio of easy-to-install, safe, plug-and-play IQ8 Microinverters, which allow us to efficiently design and install purpose-built systems for the needs of each customer.”

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