Weidmuller debuts new dc combiner boxes for large-scale solar

Weidmuller dc combiner

Weidmuller USA, a provider of Smart Industrial Connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., has a new models of dc combiner boxes for large-scale PV systems.

With the planned expansion of the Weidmuller facility in Richmond, all of these models and more renewable energy solutions will soon be produced in the USA.

Let’s take a look.

PV DC Combiner Boxes Monitored and Unmonitored | Weidmuller’s PV DC Combiner Boxes (shown above) offer users the ability to integrate short-circuit and overvoltage protection, as well as string monitoring solutions (I,V,T and SPD and switch isolator status) for PV systems using central inverters with PV panels in trackers and fix tilt systems. The dc combiner boxes with monitoring can receive up to 16 inputs and the unmonitored version can handle up to 32 inputs.

The new product line features cost-optimized models with special accessories designed to cover the most common applications in PV power plants. The product variants have been designed and tested to operate at the maximum mechanical and thermal efficiency in the most compact housing site.

Weidmuller dc combinar boxes

PV DC Combiner Boxes for High Power Panels | Weidmuller’s new PV DC Combiner Boxes for High Power Panels has bifacial solar panels in mind. Four new PV dc combination boxes for bifacial half-cell modules also allow a higher current consumption due to the fuse holders used. These combiner boxes are compact and durable solutions for bifacial half-cell modules.

These feature variants from 4 up to 8 inputs with fuse protection in (+/-) poles and with PV fuses of 22×65 format. With several configurations, Weidmuller offers the VPU surge protection series for 1500 V DC systems with SPD Type I+II or Type II variants.

Fuses and fuse holders UL Listed have been specially developed for this new architecture. Overcurrent protection from 40 up to 75 Amps enables the connection of one or more strings per input.

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