CPS America 800Vac Breaker Box is now UL Certified

CPS Breaker Box

CPS America received UL certification for its 800Vac Breaker Box, designed for CPS 250/275kW three-phase string inverters. The Breaker Box combines the output of up to three CPS 250/275kW inverters, which helps simplify system designs and provide individual protection for each inverter.

What’s more, the Breaker Box means CPS America can supply inverter and eBOS equipment for 1500V applications, which enables advantages for project logistics, shipment, and warranty management.

“Getting UL certification for the Breaker Box is a milestone for the company,” stated Bryan Wagner, President/GM of CPS America. “This innovative solution will help speed up the process of installing solar.”

CPS America has already started introducing 3-phase string into fully commissioned utility-scale sites, such as a 30 MW site in Arizona, a 90 MW site in New York, and a 105 MW site in Montana.

“I’m excited that the Breaker Box received UL certification earlier than we expected,” stated Anton Patton, Sr. Products & Applications Engineering Director at CPS America. “We have 30 MW-120 MW projects that could utilize our new solution, which is truly a game-changer when designing a large-scale utility project.”

Breaker Box details | CPS says this breaker box reduces the number of wires needed to connect CPS string inverters to the grid, thus reducing labor and material costs.

Combining CPS inverters with the CPS AC Breaker Box reduces the number of wires needed to connect the PV system to the grid. The Breaker Box provides three 800V 250A 100% rated circuit breakers for individual protection of the CPS 250/275kW PV inverter.

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