Clir Renewables will quickly evaluate solar deals in new Clir M&A service

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Renewable energy acquisitions are becoming increasingly competitive, with multiple entities bidding on single assets and low bid-vs-win ratios versus shorter evaluation periods. These pressures hinder the ability for in-depth due diligence processes to uncover long term or structural performance issues.

Clir Renewables launched a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) service for the wind and solar sector that will utilize Clir’s project performance analytics to understand project risk and asset health. The goal is to enable improved and accurate bids in accelerated timelines.

Through Clir M&A, Clir uses AI to analyze historical portfolio and site data in days, where it would typically take months. Clir has about 200 GW in its global industry dataset, which is pretty significant. Access to 200 GW of wind and solar data also allows investors to benchmark performance against industry standards, while additionally gaining clarity on asset risks and current asset health.

“Clir’s value is in its data,” notes Gareth Brown, CEO, Clir Renewables. “By leveraging over 200 GW of global industry data, Clir M&A can offer a deeper insight into asset risks and opportunities for increased value. These industry insights, coupled with an analysis of monthly reports and the other project data, provides a different perspective and greater confidence than Technical Advisors, whose services we supplement. While Technical Advisors look at a project with industry knowledge and experience, they do so without data. At Clir M&A, we put data at the fingertips of stakeholders.”

This affords investors an opportunity to consider post-acquisition optimization strategies much earlier in the asset management lifecycle.

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