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Climate First Bank unveils residential, commercial solar loans

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Climate First Bank unveiled new solar energy loan programs with a special focus on residential and commercial uses. Climate First Bank’s solar energy loan programs are competitive and completely transparent with minimal closing fees.

The residential solar loan program offers three tiers of financing starting at a 4.08% APR rate for 12 years. The commercial solar loan program offers a flexible term and structure as Climate First Bank understands financing is unique to each business’s needs. Enhanced by the most modern technology, the bank also provides businesses with an expedited approval process.

“Climate First Bank is committed to helping residents and businesses make the transition towards sustainable solar energy. With transparent and easy to understand financing, we make the investment simple, worry free and financially sound,” said Executive Vice President, Tampa Bay Market Executive, and Government Guaranteed Executive Valarie Nussbaum-Harris. As a knowledgeable lending professional, Nussbaum-Harris applied her expertise to develop the loan products.

“There’s no catch, no unexpected installer fees, no bait and switch – Climate First Bank is offering one of the most competitive programs in the country,” said Ken LaRoe, founder and CEO of Climate First Bank. LaRoe has extensive experience with dedicated solar loan options having helmed a prototype of the programs at his previous bank, First GREEN Bank before being sold.  

The solar loan programs align with Climate First Bank’s mission to achieve “Drawdown” or reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Holding itself to a high standard of sustainability, Climate First Bank has been committed to driving carbon neutrality from day one. In working with the Florida-based environmental nonprofit, We Are Neutral, Climate First Bank strives to properly understand, track, reduce, and offset its environmental impact and will continue its commitment to eliminating the bank’s carbon footprint as it grows. To date, offsetting Climate First Bank’s carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 9.2 cars off the road, replacing 1,603 inefficient light bulbs with LEDs, or planting 699 trees.

Climate First Bank is a signatory member of the B Corp Climate Collective Commitment: Net Zero 2030, pledging to achieve net zero on all greenhouse gas emissions, whether direct or indirect, by the year 2030.

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