Wärtsilä launches Quantum2 to improve large-scale energy storage deployment

Wartsila Quantum2

Technology group Wärtsilä has launched Quantum2, a fully integrated high-capacity battery energy storage system designed and optimized for global large-scale deployment.

Quantum2 enables project developers to meet capacity requirements more efficiently and effectively with improved transportation and deployment speed, and unparalleled safety. The features include:

  • Streamlined design enables more compact layouts at high site energy densities.
  • Conforms to ISO standard for 20-foot containers resulting in improved transportation efficiencies and minimised field construction across global 2-8-hour projects. 
  • Fully tested pre-installed liquid-cooled IP67 modules, requiring no additional site work and providing additional safety.
  • End-to-end fire safety approach, compliant with international safety standards, including NFPA 855. 

Thermal and humidity management solution maintains a tight control of temperature differences between cells and modules, with customisable hybrid cooling system to reduce auxiliary power consumption, according to project needs.

“Quantum2 is purpose-built for large-scale energy storage facilities to support the transition to renewable energy,” said Darrell Furlong, director of energy storage product management and hardware engineering at Wärtsilä Energy. “Quantum2 is easily transported by road or by sea and its high energy density means fewer units are needed onsite, making it an ideal product for customers across the globe.”

In addition to industry-leading safety and cutting-edge research and development, Quantum2 is flexible enough to include modules from various manufacturers, which allows Wärtsilä to optimise configuration for each project and leverage its supply chains to ensure timely delivery.

Quantum2 is designed for a long lifespan in all operating conditions with minimal service interventions. It is fitted with several durability features, including the ability to withstand winds and seismic activity and long duration anti-corrosion surface treatment.

Quantum2 uses Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy Management Platform, a sophisticated computing technology product suite, featuring customization, integration and control across assets beyond the battery system. GEMS operates autonomously to ensure maximum platform flexibility with advanced logic and functionality while delivering seamless software patches and updates across single platforms and fleets. GEMS provides a single, unified communication interface for all Quantum2 components — including streamlined monitoring, control and performance insights to the battery, safety and thermal management systems.

Quantum2 builds on Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art product line, which supports customers in their transition to net-zero while ensuring a reliable and balanced power system. Wärtsilä also offers Quantum, a fully integrated and modular energy storage system that offers the fastest deployment times, highest quality control and maximum flexibility. Wärtsilä has an unparalleled safety record in the industry for its Quantum platform. In November 2023, Wärtsilä launched Quantum High Energy, an energy storage system with advanced safety features and enhanced energy density.

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