This Microgrid Power Source can deliver three-phase EV charging in remote areas using single-phase infrastructure


Single Phase Power Solutions released the 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source, a single-phase solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. Ideal for remote areas without access to three-phase power, the 1-to-3 Power Source uses revolutionary Written-Pole Technology to generate solid and reliable 3-phase, 480V input from existing single-phase infrastructure. This allows EV charging stations to be installed across a variety of rural locations where 3-phaes power is unavailable or cost-prohibitive to install. A CSA 3R enclosure (outdoor rated, rain protected) allows these robust units to be placed in public-facing areas like rest areas, national and state parks, historical sites, tourist areas and more.

The highly efficient Written-Pole motor driving the 1-to-3 has a full load system efficiency greater than 88%, which can significantly reduce energy costs. Since it runs at unity power factor, there is no power factor penalty charge – which may generate additional savings for the operator. This unique technology allows weak single-phase utility lines to deliver strong three-phase power with excellent voltage regulation and precise 60 Hz frequency. The generator output voltage provides well-balanced three-phase power for quality-sensitive electronic controls like those used in EV rapid chargers.

Built with rural applications in mind, the SPPS 1-to-3 rides through momentary power loss and can accommodate voltage fluctuation in single phase lines while delivering solid three-phase power. A compact footprint, utility-friendly design, and quiet operation are well suited for sensitive public spaces.

The integration of the SPPS 1-to-3 with EV charging stations extends charging networks to areas lacking three-phase electrical service and creates better accessibility to destinations like national parks and rural cottages to EV owners.

This technology is ideal for rapid EV charging stations up to 65 kW. Higher capacity DC charging stations in remote locations can be supported with battery energy storage. Smaller 1-to-3 options may be used to charge storage batteries between EV charging cycles. Either option provides economical options when EV charging locations are restricted to single phase service capacity.

The SPPS 1-to-3 Microgrid ships skid mounted in a CSA 3R weather rated enclosure suitable for installation in public spaces with available remote control and monitoring. Durable 12 gage construction affords ample protection, while hinged rear sections, louvered access panels with removable mullion post, and hinged end-sections provide equipment access. An integrated control panel, with mounting pans and a lockable door saves space and allows easy access plus security.

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