The Pitch: How carbon improves flooded lead-acid batteries in off-grid solar with Rolls Battery

Rolls Advanced NAM

On this edition of The Pitch, we look at how applying a carbon additive in traditional flooded lead-acid batteries significantly improves their performance in off-grid solar applications. Here to give us the details is Jeff Myles, marketing manager for Rolls Battery.

  • First we get into the science behind the carbon additive.
  • Then we compare the performance of the Advanced NAM carbon additive batteries from Rolls to the previous generation.
  • We compare maintenance requirements versus AGM batteries
  • And we end by contrasting them with lithium-based batteries in off-grid applications.

The Pitch is a Solar Builder YouTube side project that saves you a trip to a trade show. Solar PV system manufacturers and service providers bring their pitches straight to us, and we chat awkwardly about their innovations so you don’t have to.

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