Sunnova adds Franklin Home Power system to energy as a service portfolio

FranklinWH and Sunnova Team Up to Add Franklin Home Power Storage Solution to Sunnova’s Energy as a Service Portfolio

Sunnova Energy International adds to its energy storage vendor portfolio with FranklinWH Energy Storage. The Franklin Home Power system (FHP) is an AC-coupled storage solution that integrates the use of solar, battery storage, energy control and management technologies. Here’s an overview of the FHP from a recent episode of The Pitch:

This partnership means Sunnova dealers pitch the FHP energy storage solution to existing solar customers, as well as to developers of new homes as a whole-home solution.

“FranklinWH and Sunnova offer consumers the ability to create an optimized ecosystem for their home with a platform that can seamlessly monitor and control energy from the grid, home solar and battery storage system, and generator power,” said Ke Bi, COO, FranklinWH Energy Storage. “Sunnova is a company that shares our vision, and we are pleased to be able to work closely with their network of dealers to help homeowners address today and tomorrow’s home energy challenges. Together, we are focused on providing intelligent whole-home energy management systems with battery storage that are easy to install and operate.”

“Sunnova’s leading home energy system – the Sunnova Adaptive Home – provides energy security and energy affordability by offering a better energy service at a better price,” said Michael Grasso, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, Sunnova Energy International. “We see the FHP storage solution as a strong addition to our EaaS offerings, and one that integrates easily to enhance the lives of our customers.”

The FHP is an AC-coupled solution with lithium iron phosphate chemistry and can be applied with any solar inverter.

The FHP comes with aPower, which is an AC battery with a built-in advanced inverter, and the aGate, which is the energy management device that connects to the grid, home loads and the solar system.

The FHP storage solution is a scalable system with density allowing up to 15 units. The storage solution is pre-assembled for fast and easy installation.

Designed to meet homeowners’ needs today and the future, the FHP storage solution provides self-consumption, TOU, and backup modes for great flexibility for homeowners.

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