HomeGrid earns UL 9540 certification with Sol-Ark 12K inverter

HomeGrid Stack’d Series

Lithion through its HomeGrid product has completed testing and achieved UL 9540 certification for its Stack’d Series (9.6kWh to 38.4kWh) energy storage solution combined with the Sol-Ark 12k inverter. The HomeGrid Stack’d series uses Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

UL 9540 is a safety standard for an energy storage system (ESS) and equipment intended for connection to a local utility grid or standalone application. It covers several elements, but is primarily a certification of safety against thermal runaway. The UL9540 safety certification allows HomeGrid to expand its offering to more customers across North America.

Stewart Graham, EVP of Lithion say the Sol-Ark 12K hybrid inverters has “a number of distinct advantages and growing market share in the Energy Storage System arena.” Sol-Ark will also be unlocking a real contender in the ‘whole home back-up’ competition with their soon-to-be-released 15K inverter and smart load panel — both of which offer future collaboration opportunities between the companies.

HomeGrid products offer a high capacity and a modular design. The battery is comprised of Tier 1 prismatic cells guaranteed by a 10-year, 4000 cycle, non-pro-rated warranty. The cobalt free, low voltage system can be installed within an hour and provides a quality standard unlike its competitors.

“The modularity of the HomeGrid Stack’d series battery provides a Lego-like form factor allowing it to match Sol-Ark’s ease of install and all-in-one solar solution. The Stack’d Series battery has an output that can utilize the full capability of our inverters. With our upcoming Sol-Ark 15K, the Stack’d Series battery will be the only battery on the market to maximize its capability,” expresses Bhawna Oberoi, COO of Sol-Ark.

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