GoodWe expands capacity (and sustainability) of solar inverter, energy storage products with new facility

GoodWe showcased a lineup of impressive technology at the RE+ tradeshow in Anaheim last week (along with GE). A key note in our chat with their team is their ability to fulfill orders on time right now. That statement is obviously aided by word of recent production capacity expansion.

In August this year, GoodWe held the commissioning ceremony for its phase II manufacturing base in Guangde, Anhui province of China. Covering an area of around 46,000 m2, the new factory mainly focuses on the production of solar inverters, energy storage products, and PV building materials. This expansion is expected to bring the company’s full capacity to 30GW.

GoodWe also tries to build the base into a “smart low-carbon demonstration zone.” A 2.8 MW grid-connected solar PV system has been installed on the roof of the base by now, with 12 sets of GoodWe HT 1500V Series (225 kW) inverters connected.

These numbers will see an increase in the near future. In addition, all the cabin or sink of these inverters is made of aluminum magnesium alloy which can be 100% recycled or reused.

GoodWe used its PV building materials in constructing facilities such as the canteen and zero-carbon sunroom within the manufacturing base. In addition, DC & AC charging stations and a solar carport integrated with the “solar-storage-charging” system are also built to help cut down carbon footprint.

This project can provide 2.8 million kWh of electricity for the facility every year.

“With phase II of our Guangde manufacturing base put into production, the production capacity of GoodWe inverters and other products will witness an alarming increase. This expansion represents an exciting milestone for GoodWe, giving us more confidence to meet challenges brought by supply chains and changing trading conditions,” said GoodWe CEO and founder Daniel Huang. “More importantly, the design concept of our new base has also well captured the sustainability philosophy of GoodWe. We will continuously spare no efforts to lead the way in promoting the global energy transition and creating a sustainable future for the earth, mankind, and future generations.”

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