Energizer Solar products distributed in U.S. by ATG E Power

Energizer Solar products

California-based ATG E Power has signed on as master distributor for Energizer Solar’s home solar + battery storage products in the North American market. The Energizer Solar product lineup includes energy storage systems, solar inverters, EV chargers, as well as portable power stations and foldable solar panels designed for outdoor activities and emergency backup.

Energizer Solar is a licensee of Energizer Holdings (yes, the pink rabbit with the drum), and sports a licensed product range of residential and portable solar products from 8 Star Energy.

Leading this dynamic new venture are Nick Ni, President of ATG E Power, and Nicholas Sweeney, co-founder of Energizer Solar. Both leaders bring extensive experience and a shared commitment to advancing sustainable energy technologies.

“The Energizer Solar product range has already made waves in the renewable energy sector, achieving remarkable success in Australia and Europe,” said Nicholas Sweeney. “Our comprehensive solar ecosystem, designed with both homeowners and installers in mind, is transforming the way energy is managed and consumed.”

With ATG E Power as a master distributor, Energizer Solar is poised for accelerated growth in the North American market. This collaboration aims to provide consumers and businesses with access to high-quality, reliable, and efficient solar energy products, contributing to a sustainable future.

“We are honored to be chosen as a master distributor for Energizer Solar’s innovative solar products in North America,” stated Nick Ni, President of ATG E Power. “Our extensive distribution network and deep understanding of the market will ensure that these advanced solutions reach consumers and businesses eager to embrace renewable energy.”

Energizer Solar products

Here’s what we know about the product lineup, from this SB article from 2023:

While the Energizer brand is being used in the United States, the Eveready Energy Vault battery brand is being used elsewhere due to regional brand recognition strength. The Energizer battery will be offered in an expandable line ranging from 5.1 kWh to 20.4 kWh, depending on the solar array that will be utilized. 8 Star Energy will not only target new installs, but also cater to retrofits of storage, and inverters to homes and businesses that already have PV installed if upgrading is needed. The Energizer battery is based on LFP battery chemistry currently and has been configured for both ac and dc coupling, depending on the location and customer type.

Energizer Solar does not yet include a two-way charging capability for customers with EVs, the system is virtual power plant-ready, thanks to the large VPP market that has emerged in Australia, says Sweeney. The system is also capable of other microgrid configurations, he adds.

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