CEC awards Enzinc with $1.8M prize to develop its long-duration zinc battery


Enzinc, a rechargeable zinc battery developer, and not your second favorite boy band from the 2000s, was selected for a $1.8 million California Energy Commission (CEC) BRIDGE award to further develop its long duration stationary battery and build out a pilot anode manufacturing line.

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The Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy, or BRIDGE, awards are funded by the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program, which will grant up to a total of $57.3 million over four rounds. Enzinc and four other companies were selected for the proposed final round of funding, contingent on final approval at a CEC business meeting.

“The EPIC programs available at each stage of a clean energy company’s development and commercialization are creating a vibrant and innovative industry in California,” said Michael Burz, founder and CEO of Enzinc. “We are honored to have been a recipient of these vital awards at key points in our company’s growth and to be selected for BRIDGE.”

Batteries with Enzinc’s zinc microsponge anode’s safe, non-flammable materials will make it ideal for stationary energy storage inside homes and commercial buildings and adjacent to critical energy infrastructure. Additionally, it can act as a drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries.

“If we are to electrify everything, we need batteries that use easily-sourced materials and can be scaled rapidly. Being selected for BRIDGE shows the rising awareness that we can’t place all of our energy storage bets on lithium technologies,” Burz said. “Today’s $60 billion lead-acid battery market can play a larger role in the energy transition by converting existing factories to use Enzinc’s drop-in technology and make more powerful, higher margin and longer lasting batteries.”

Previously, Enzinc has received CalSEED Phase I and II awards, together worth $600,000, and a $292,000 CalTestBed voucher for product testing. The selection follows Enzinc’s announcements that it has formed an Industry Advisory Group with global leaders in battery production, use and recycling, and that it won the Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge, GAMIC, at the SAE International World Congress Experience.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Enzinc applies aerospace and automotive engineering practices to energy storage development. Enzinc is an ARPA-e awardee and has received multiple grants through the California Energy Commission’s EPIC program.

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