Anza adds ESS comparison shopping (20+ products) to platform

Anza Energy Storage procurement

Large-scale energy storage system (ESS) buyers can now compare over 20 ESS products on Anza‘s solar + storage procurement platform. Anza provides a market-wide view of ESS and solar products in seconds so that developers and EPCs can essentially comparison shop and sift through critical data they need to evaluate storage product pricing over a project’s lifetime.

“Project developers and procurement professionals are faced with an escalating number of factors they must consider when evaluating an energy storage project, and the lack of real-time pricing among all the different product options and configurations slows decision making and increases risk,” says Mike Hall, CEO of Anza.

Anza was launched as an independent company in May 2023, founded by a team (formerly with Borrego) with decades of experience in renewable energy development, procurement and construction. Since its launch, the Anza platform has facilitated the assessment of more than 35 GW of solar and 75 GWh of energy storage across over 1,000 projects to date.

Anza Energy Storage Procurement

Earlier this year, Anza expanded its solar product and counterparty data set to help buyers make optimal decisions for their projects. We walked through a demo of Anza’s advanced solar module procurement functions on this episode of The Pitch:

Traditionally, engineers and procurement professionals spend hours manually chasing product and pricing data from multiple suppliers. It can take weeks and months to get the baseline data required from even a handful of vendors.

Anza’s Effective $/Watt analytics allows users to move far beyond price comparisons and rapidly compare products based on risk, production and installation cost. With solutions for the utility-scale and distributed generation market, Anza’s vision is to help every buyer rapidly make optimal procurement decisions.  

With Anza’s energy storage procurement platform, IPPs, developers and engineers now have the ability to instantly compare AC and DC Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Anza also levels the playing field a bit by expanding enabling large and small buyers to tap into vendors and comprehensive pricing data previously out of reach.

“The Anza platform enables us to evaluate multiple energy storage products and PCS configurations in seconds,” said James Beach, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, EnerSmart Storage. “With Anza’s specialized technical and commercial expertise, it’s a no-brainer to partner with them in this rapidly evolving market.”

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