BYD debuts Battery-Max Lite for C&I projects at Smarter E Europe

BYD Co. is showcasing the latest models in its Battery-Box series of energy storage systems, at Smarter E Europe 2022. Highlights of this year’s exhibition include the introduction of the new BYD Battery-Max Lite for industrial and commercial (C&I) application as well as a preview on the Battery-Box HVC (HV Compact).

In addition, BYD will offer exclusive insights into the core technology of the storage systems in a special exhibition area. The Battery experts will be available for insights and discussions at booth B1.420, B1.520.

BYD Battery-Max Lite | For industrial and commercial (C&I) applications, return on investment is key. BYD’s latest commercial battery system has safety features, high efficiency and versatility to realize a speedy ROI by utilizing energy storage to cut costs on the rising energy bills through self-consumption, peak-shaving or time-of-use arbitrage.

The solution also stands out due to its compatibility with inverters from different manufactures, allowing for a flexible combination of components. Its open communication and control interface features allow the battery’s management system to be integrated with different energy management control system units.

The battery’s capacity of 30 to 90 kWh can be increased to 5.76 MWh by connecting up to 64 systems in parallel.

The system features a modular plug and play design, cobalt-free LFP battery chemistry, and BYD’s blade battery technology.

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