Briggs & Stratton expands battery storage line, renames Standby Power Unit to reflect new focus

Briggs & Stratton is expanding its standby power business to include both standby generators and energy storage systems. To better represent the breadth of Briggs & Stratton’s alternative power solutions now available to customers, the company has renamed its Standby Power business unit, which going forward will be known as Energy Solutions.

“Briggs & Stratton’s existing Standby Power business has experienced significant growth over the past several years. Demand for backup power and other energy alternatives has increased due to the aging grid, severe weather and the need for a reliable source of power when working from home or powering electric vehicles,” says Steve Andrews, Briggs & Stratton’s President and CEO. “To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we established a strong position in the high-growth energy storage system market, which not only provides much-needed power in the event of an outage, but also gives homeowners the flexibility to store excess energy to offset high electricity costs during peak times and supplement power from the utility grid.”

Now, through the company’s recent acquisition of SimpliPhi Power – a California-based manufacturer of energy storage and management systems which store power from solar, grid, wind, standby and portable generators for future use by residential, commercial and industrial customers – Briggs & Stratton “is expanding the business to offer a comprehensive range of products that provide safe, reliable and affordable energy solutions to a broader group of customers,” according to Tom Rugg, Senior Vice President and President – Energy Solutions at Briggs & Stratton.

The company has announced the launch of its expanded product line, now available through its existing Briggs & Stratton and SimpliPhi Power distribution networks: a complete line of fully integrated, easy-to-install energy storage systems with industry leading UL Certifications & Safety Testing that keeps your home and business secure.

• AccESS: A UL 9540 Certified, UL 9540A Safety Tested fully-integrated energy storage and management solution that scales from 15.2 kWh to 22.8 kWh with a Sol-Ark 12 kW inverter charge controller in a NEMA 3R rated indoor/outdoor weather-resistant cabinet. Multiple AccESS units can be installed for single, split or three phase 208V 68.4kWh+ commercial systems.

BOSS.12 & BOSS.6: A UL 9540 Certified, UL 9540A Safety Tested battery only storage system in a NEMA 3R rated indoor/outdoor weather-resistant cabinet that can be added to the AccESS for more power per hour for peak loads and/or longer duration energy security during extended grid outages. Scales from 15.2kWh to 136.8kWh or higher to meet large commercial project requirements.

• PHI 3.8kWh Batteries: Safe, scalable, non-cobalt-based Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) energy storage solutions. Rigorously tested according to the industry’s most stringent UL 9540A & UL 1973 safety specifications, PHI batteries optimize and store any power generation source to provide power when you need it, on your terms.

By creating a full line of UL 9540A Safety Tested and UL 9540 Certified solutions, the Company accelerates the adoption of safe, scalable and reliable energy storage products that meet the demands of today’s homes and businesses. These UL safety tests and UL Certifications simplify installation and permitting approvals for installers across residential and commercial markets in all jurisdictions.

“This expanded offering provides our dealers and distributors with a comprehensive energy solution for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications and we are excited about the growth opportunities as a result of this product line expansion,” says Rugg.

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