How Can Solar Installers Be More Sustainable? Let Us Count the Ways

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Since solar power is inherently sustainable, installers and other Team Solar members are therefore sustainable businesses, right? Not necessarily. Selling or installing solar does not automatically give companies a free pass on sustainability. But being part of the solar industry does provide a solid foundation, and those companies that make a broader push toward sustainability in their culture find it can also help promote their brand and grow their businesses.

LONGi’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship runs deep. The company is an active participant in a variety of global climate and sustainability initiatives, such as RE100, EV100, EP100 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and adheres to the Science-Based Target Initiative to ensure its climate goals are in line with the latest science.

Although installers don’t have the global footprint and resources of an industry leader like LONGi, they can still up their sustainability game. Here are some suggestions of how you can make your company—and your brand—more sustainable.

Walk the Solar Walk. If you haven’t already solarized your own place of business, what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to rock your own brand and the brand of solar than by having a solar system on your workplace roof or yard. Let people know it’s up there with signage, an interactive kiosk or live webcam on your website. Added bonus: just like your customers, your energy bill will go down as a result. And did I mention LEDs?

Plug in to EV: Many installers are already offering EV chargers to their customers, but adding a few chargers in front of your business sends a strong message too. And if you can afford to transition your truck/vehicle fleet to EVs or at least plug-in hybrids, all the better. What with the current price of gas at the pump and exciting market launches of new vehicles like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the timing couldn’t be better. Nothing promotes cost-saving, nonpolluting clean energy like a public-facing combination of solar, EVs—and of course, battery storage.  

The Three R’s: It may be a bit cliché, but the three R’s—reuse, repurpose, recycle—offer another pathway to sustainability. From getting rid of plastic water bottles and other single-use consumables in the workplace to properly recycling the module packaging and other worksite trash to going as paperless as possible in the course of business, companies can reduce their environmental footprint and live their purpose more fully.

Embrace the Community. A company’s impact on the community goes well beyond its bottom line and job creation. Encourage and reward your workforce to get involved in sustainability and climate solution activities such as tree planting and trash clean-up days in local parks or beaches, “Solar 101” guest teacher slots at local elementary and secondary schools, or nonprofit solar and clean energy organizations like GRID Alternatives and Everybody Solar. Wearing company team gear and promoting your presence during these activities may actually generate leads for future business or attract good talent to your job pool too—a proverbial win-win.

Committed to Sustainability. Not only does LONGi play an important role in the clean energy transition by being a world leader in solar technology, but the company is decarbonizing its own operational assets and “greening” its supply chain at a fast pace. For example, nearly 40% of its production facilities and other operations are powered by renewables, with a goal of getting to 100% renewable-powered by 2030. LONGi is also steadily decreasing its electricity and water consumption groupwide, and is reusing most of its water resources. A truly sustainable enterprise is within its reach.

And by using LONGi’s sustainably-produced solar modules, installers can take their sustainability efforts that much further.

For more information on LONGi’s sustainability efforts, download the recently published “2021 Sustainability Report” here.

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