Special Report: How to Make Money in the Midwest

midwest solar projects report

midwest solar projects reportSpoiler alert: You make money installing solar in the Midwest the same way you do anywhere else. Bummer, huh? So why did we put together this 22-page report? Well, identifying those opportunities and executing them in a less mature market requires a different approach.

In this FREE downloadable special report, sponsored by Solar FlexRack, we talk to a few solar companies that have done this already. We look at just how they’ve found that success and how you could replicate it. We look at the political and economic factors that are both helping and holding back the solar industry at this current moment — and how you might use any scenario to your advantage. We also look at general sales strategies that will hopefully drive more business, while lowering your costs.


  • A snapshot of the solar marketplace
  • Using political power to grow the market
  • How to Identify Profitable Projects
  • Four Steps for More Solar Sales
  • A Community Solar Success Story
  • Advice for Financing Commercial Projects

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