Sunfolding’s latest T29 solar tracker updates will simplify material transportation

Sunfolding t29

Sunfolding, a growing producer of single-axis trackers, announced upgrades to its T29 Single-Axis Tracker in order to ease the transport of material to the project site and through the field to reduce project costs. The upgraded Sunfolding T29 was on display at Solar Power International this year.

The upgraded Sunfolding T29 uses the same durable materials and advanced manufacturing processes that enable Sunfolding, with just three components, to achieve significantly faster installation times and lower operational costs than traditional trackers, which have a much higher part count. The upgraded Sunfolding T29 features a stronger and lighter actuator that relies on half the actuator bolts, weighs 20% less, and requires 15% fewer posts per MW compared to its predecessor.

“With the Sunfolding T29 upgrades, we are further strengthening the characteristics for which our customers already select Sunfolding,” said Jurgen Krehnke, chief executive officer of Sunfolding. “Solar trackers should be installer-friendly and reliable. We design our products for ease of installation and decades of life in the field. The Sunfolding T29 upgrades represent the evolution of a platform designed with simplicity in mind.”

Sunfolding trackers, with their low part count and streamlined design, don’t require installation teams to spend time on extensive training or handle expensive custom tools. The upgraded design brings the same sensibilities to improving project site logistics, benefiting installers with reduced costs and timelines from project start to finish.

The upgraded Sunfolding T29 is in full production and available for utility-scale solar projects.

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