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Install Insights: RPCS explains why it prefers Array Technologies’ trackers

RPCS Array Technologies

For another perspective on the ins and outs of Array Technologies’ technology, we reached out to RP Construction Services (RPCS), a turnkey designer, supplier, and installer of Array’s DuraTrack HZ V3 ground mounted solar tracker, to explain why this is their preferred system.

Among the main considerations for a solar project’s viability are the cost of the tracking equipment, installation, land, and operation and maintenance over the lifetime of the array. RPCS understands that optimal power production is vital in helping project owners and stakeholders secure investment security and ensure a project’s profitability.

RPCS has chosen Array’s product for a number of reasons, including its longstanding reputation of being the market’s most reliable solar tracker with the lowest risk, lowest operating cost, and lowest levelized cost of energy. The DuraTrack system has an unparalleled track record of 99.996% uptime and zero scheduled maintenance, designed to deliver the highest returns through long-term performance.

The combination of the tracker’s inherent increased energy production, innovative design, terrain flexibility, and zero maintenance remain among the top reasons why RPCS has partnered with Array Technologies.

Wind Loads

Array’s unique wind management system protects trackers against high winds and other weather events without relying on stow, thus minimizing risk of system failure. The intelligent design of the system is field tested and proves to be the only tracker on the market to reliably withstand some of the harshest conditions.

The no-stow mitigation process is fully mechanical, and doesn’t rely on communication systems, sensors, or electricity for added reliability. Array Technologies designs for the full-site wind speed rating at any tracker angle, including the full tilt angle, for each project. It can even reliably self-manage wind events on a per-row basis, allowing unaffected rows to continue optimal tracking.


RPCS construction

Traditionally, among the principal factors at play when deciding if trackers are a viable option are topography and wind loads.

As ideal land becomes less available, more and more projects are being developed on less favorable land: steep slopes or rolling terrain, irregular boundaries, obstructions, and less than ideal soil conditions. Array’s trackers, with their flexible architecture and forgiving tolerances, prove the most adept system on the market for adapting to terrain. By having a tracker system that is able to follow the land’s natural undulations, the maximum power generation potential can be delivered at each site.

The Array tracker is one of the most adaptable trackers in terms of terrain and design parameters. Array’s articulating driveline, a defining asset of the system, allows the system to be readily deployed on the most challenging parcels.

Operation & Maintenance

A large concern for deploying solar trackers is maintenance. Array’s innovative design requires zero scheduled maintenance, all based on the simple principle that by minimizing tracker complexity, reliability can be maximized. By curbing the number of motors, controllers, and sensors, Array promotes a hands-off operations and maintenance approach by optimizing tracker design to use fewer components.

Potential failure points are thus greatly reduced, with 167 times fewer components than competitors, so the system delivers superior uptime. Lifetime tested, and without any adjustments necessary, the system is sealed and permanently lubricated, further lending to its maintenance-free operation.

For more insights on building solar tracker projects, or to contact RPCS for a quote, head to their website. www.rpcs.com.

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