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SolarReviews, the leading American consumer reviews website for solar panel installation, released some end-of-year insights on solar and battery adoption drivers in 2021. The report outlines how extreme weather, rising gas prices and electric vehicle adoption are driving interest in rooftop solar and at-home battery storage, particularly in the last year. Overall, SolarReviews saw a 130% increase in requests for solar quotes in 2021 compared to last year.

Electric Vehicle Drivers: Web analytics from SolarReviews showed that interest in pairing solar and electric vehicles spiked 90% when gas prices rose. SolarReviews saw the uptick in solar quote requests from their electric vehicle pages when gas prices reached a record seven-year high in November 2021, compared to months before when gas prices were steady. SolarReviews also saw a 1,000% increase in solar quote requests from their online guide on the cost to charge a Tesla compared to last year.

Extreme Weather Drivers: 2021 also demonstrated that consumer interest in rooftop solar and battery storage is rising—particularly in regions across the U.S. immediately after an extreme weather event. SolarReviews saw:

  • 358% increase in solar requests from California following summer wildfires
  • 850% increase in solar requests from Texas following the Texas Power Crisis
  • 919% increase in solar requests from Oregon following the Pacific Northwest Heatwave

Battery Storage Drivers: In 2021, SolarReviews and UC Berkeley’s BEACN group released the largest U.S. home solar survey ever completed. The survey showed interest in battery storage is increasing, despite only 11.5% of respondents having both solar and a battery system installed. Interest in battery storage is expected to increase, with 71% of battery installations in the last five years taking place in 2020.

Check out the full report here.

SolarReviews also released the first free and publicly available, full-scale Solar Calculator in 2021. The calculator was built specifically for consumers to help them understand detailed information about their solar needs before even engaging with installers.

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