Stem launches AI-driven application to better manage clean energy assets


Stem has introduced its new Athena PowerBidder Pro application to help energy professionals better manage clean energy assets.

Asset owners, traders and tolling offtakers can leverage PowerBidder Pro’s AI-driven automated bid optimization workflows as well as its comprehensive suite of advanced real-time monitoring and control features to break open the ‘black box’ of merchant battery storage asset operations and tailor strategies to their organization’s risk tolerance.

“Stem’s energy experts have long been harnessing the power of real-time data and deep insights delivered through our Athena platform to help customers successfully bid into the fast-paced, dynamic wholesale energy markets,” said Cedric Brehaut, VP of asset management solutions at Stem. “Now with PowerBidder Pro, customers with their own trading capabilities will be able to use these same proven bidding tools confidently to manage energy assets themselves with ease and flexibility for an added advantage in these highly competitive markets.”

PowerBidder Pro takes an innovative approach to bid optimization by combining the power of AI and a deep understanding of the intricacies of energy markets with a full-featured user interface to manage economic performance. Access to real-time performance metrics and leading-edge analytics allows energy traders to quickly react to and even anticipate market shifts for a decisive advantage. With the application’s intuitive interface, users can easily fine-tune strategies to seamlessly adjust parameters, test scenarios, and explore alternative trading avenues, tapping the power of AI to optimize risk-adjusted returns. PowerBidder Pro’s configurability enables asset bidding strategies that are better aligned with each customer’s unique objectives.

Additionally, PowerBidder Pro’s flexible approach to managing standalone, co-located, and hybrid energy storage assets enables:

  • Transparent Bidding Strategy Control: Direct and dynamic control of bidding strategies without the limitations of rigid and inflexible systems.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Centralized workflows and data help streamline management processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Real-Time Performance Updates: Systematic and regular updates remove the time-consuming guesswork of manually derived asset performance data and analytics.

In addition to PowerBidder Pro, Stem will continue to offer its world-class services to customers who need direct support in managing their assets. Leveraging decades of wholesale market experience, Stem’s energy experts will continue to provide operating services using PowerBidder Pro on behalf of our customers. With experience across 200,000 sites in over 50 countries, Athena and PowerBidder Pro bring together a market-leading solution.

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