Largest community solar project in Washington D.C. now online


WinnCompanies and Ampion announced the completion of Washington D.C.’s largest community solar project. The installation will lower energy bills for nearly 200 low-income residents in the District.

“Community solar projects prove that solar is not just a luxury for those that can afford their own panels, but that solar can also work for renters living in multifamily housing,” said Darien Crimmin, WinnCompanies’ Vice President of Energy and Sustainability. “WinnCompanies will continue working to expand the District’s solar capacity and provide the benefits of solar energy to local communities, helping residents save up to $500 a year.”

The project’s electricity will feed into the utility grid, and savings will be passed to low-income residents through credits on their utility bills. Ampion will administer the distribution of these credits, manage customer relationships, and facilitate utility communications using its Customer and Asset Management platform.

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“We are very excited to be supporting WinnCompanies’ initiative to serve low-income customers in the D.C. region and to be using our platform to support this vital segment of the market,” said Nate Owen, Ampion’s CEO.
The project is currently generating power and in the process of gathering subscribers.

WinnCompanies is an award-winning national developer and manager of high-impact affordable, middle income, and market rate housing communities. Ampion performs customer and asset management for renewable energy developers, retailers, asset owners, utilities, CCAs, municipalities, property owners, and corporate users.

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