Judicial Council of California eyeing solar + storage at 43 sites says Sage Energy

Sage Energy Consulting

Sage Energy Consulting will work with the Judicial Council of California (JCC), on an investment in solar power and energy storage. The JCC plans to install rooftop solar panels, solar carports, and batteries across 43 potential locations to enable its courthouses to generate enough solar power to cover a portion of their routine energy needs. 

Sage will evaluate the 43 sites and provide procurement support, preconstruction, construction, and post-construction management, as well as commissioning support. PPAs can be negotiated in order to lock in the price of the resulting solar power and power resiliency services. 

Sage will search for the best ways for the Judicial Council to continue running critical services even if the grid power goes down. The Judicial Council provides leadership and administration of California’s judicial system, with the aim of improving the quality of justice on behalf of the public, therefore continuous power is crucial.

“We expect more judicial districts and other public facilities will be following suit,” said Russell Schmit, Sage’s Chief Operating Officer, “in California and other places especially vulnerable to power outages such as the southwest U.S., Hawaii, Long Island, and coastal Maine.”

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