ESS to deploy long-duration energy storage for Turlock Irrigation District in California

ESS Turlock Irrigation District Project Nexus

ESS Inc. is set to deliver two Energy Warehouse (EW) systems to the Turlock Irrigation District (TID) in Central California. Supporting TID’s Project Nexus, the EWs will be paired with the first-ever installation of solar panels over irrigation canals in the United States.

Project Nexus aims to generate clean energy while conserving water resources in an increasingly arid California. Recent research at the University of California — Merced has shown that up to 13 GW of solar capacity could be installed over California’s canals, which would require approximately 3 GW of energy storage and contribute significantly to the state’s clean energy and water conservation goals.

TID will use ESS technology to demonstrate the key role of long-duration energy storage in delivering reliable, dispatchable clean energy 24 hours a day. ESS technology was selected for its safe and non-toxic characteristics, making it preferable for siting adjacent to water infrastructure. Funding for the project is provided by the state of California and administered by the Department of Water Resources. The project will shade canals with solar panels that will reduce evaporative losses while generating clean energy.

“Long-duration energy storage is the key that will enable Project Nexus to not only conserve water and generate renewable energy, but provide on-demand, clean power 24/7,” said Hugh McDermott, SVP of business development and sales at ESS, a leading manufacturer of long-duration energy storage systems for commercial and utility-scale applications. “This project addresses multiple climate challenges at once and is the kind of innovative approach that will build a climate-resilient future.”

Project Nexus is expected to be complete in 2024. ESS iron flow technology provides cost-effective long-duration energy storage and is ideal for applications that require up to 12 hours of flexible energy capacity. ESS technology has a 25-year design life without capacity fade.

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