Two Tier 1 module manufacturers hit efficiency records for TOPCon and HJT solar cells

LONGi HJT record
LONGi achieves new world record for indium-free HJT cell efficiency

Two of the top global module manufacturers hit new efficiency records last week. Trina Solar’s 210×210mm i-TOPCon cell has achieved maximum efficiency of 25.5%, setting a world record. Meanwhile, LONGi announced a new record of 25.40% for its indium-free HJT cells (which came a few days after setting a record of 25.47% for its p-type HJT cells).

For LONGi, the record was validated in testing carried out by the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) in Hamelin, Germany, and was achieved on M6 (274.5cm2) full-size monocrystalline silicon wafers.
Advanced surface passivation technology previously developed by the team was applied to the HJT cells, using low-cost indium-free targets to prepare transparent conducting oxide films. Process innovations enabled the cells to maintain a high conversion efficiency despite being completely indium-free. The high-efficiency HJT cells will effectively reduce dependence on indium resources in mass production and result in a significant reduction in costs.

LONGi believes this confirms the basis for industrialization of the low-cost technology route for HJT cells.

Trina’s result was certified by the National Institute of Metrology of China. At the company’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology, Trina Solar researchers solved technical problems related to selective boron emitter, large-area tunneling silicon oxide and doped polysilicon preparation, and high-efficiency hydrogen passivation. By using mass production cell equipment, they brought the maximum efficiency of large 210mm N-type monocrystalline cells to 25.5%.

“We are extremely proud of these latest achievements,” said Dr Chen Yifeng, head of the company’s high efficiency cell and module R&D center, “Trina Solar is thoroughly committed to cutting-edge research and development and has been a pioneer in technological production and manufacturing, helping it to maintain its leading position with its efficient products.”

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