Enteligent unveils rapid shutdown device and solar-powered EV charger


Enteligent is featuring both its new Enteligent NMax Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD) with Optimization and their SolarFirst EV Quick Charger at the Solar & Storage Southeast Expo in Atlanta this week and the Minnesota SEIA Gateway to Solar Conference in Minneapolis on October 18 and 19. The Enteligent NMax Rapid Shutdown Device with Optimization is currently available, and the SolarFirst is expected to ship in mid-2022.

RSD units: Microprocessor controlled, the Enteligent NMax RSD delivers the highest possible amount of electricity from the solar panel to the inverter, shade or no shade. Installers can now get the most solar panel output for their customers without sacrificing cost, and installation is simple with plug and play SunSpec™ RSD Certification.

SolarFirst: The EV charger allows at-home, at-work and at-store charging powered directly by existing solar panels, and can also be powered simultaneously by the AC grid to provide peace-of-mind charge-continuity. The Enteligent SolarFirst EV charger is up to three times faster than AC Level 2 EV chargers and delivers at a fraction of the cost of dedicated DC chargers.

“We’ve received tremendous interest in our RSD offering – the Enteligent NMax panel-level power optimization module, and we want to show people what we have lined up next,” said Sean Burke, CEO of Enteligent. “Interest in electric vehicles to reduce carbon exhaust emissions continues to gain momentum, as evidenced by Ford’s and GM’s recent announcements and President Biden’s initiatives – but the practical questions of how we are going to cleanly charge these vehicles remain. A typical EV requires about 4,000 Kilowatts of electricity per year. When this electricity is generated by traditional powerplants, that equates to over 3,000 pounds of CO2 for each vehicle annually. The green answer is to generate electricity for EVs directly from solar and to have these chargers conveniently available wherever cars are parked during the day.”

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