Details on the new home energy solution from Enphase Energy

Don’t get too excited if you don’t live in Australia or New Zealand, but Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company, has unveiled its Enphase Home Energy Solution, an integrated solution combining solar generation, energy control and energy storage. The award-winning Enphase technology is an advanced energy solution that delivers a high return on investment and greater reliability to the system owner.

“The dynamics of the residential solar markets in Australia and New Zealand make it one of the most storage-ready regions in the world,” said Paul Nahi, president and CEO of Enphase. “Homeowners in Australia and New Zealand want total control of their home’s energy because of the combination of electricity rates, high solar penetration, and declining feed-in tariffs. The Enphase Home Energy Solution fits these needs with compelling economics and sets the stage for the evolving energy market.”

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Seventy-eight percent of existing Enphase system owners in Australia and New Zealand have indicated a strong interest in receiving the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Enphase will roll out the components of the Enphase Home Energy Solution in these regions starting in December 2015, with the Enphase AC Battery to be available in Q2 2016. The key components of the Enphase Home Energy Solution include:

Enphase EnergyGeneration

The fifth-generation Enphase S-Microinverter is a powerful, smart solar energy inverter that simplifies installation and delivers market-leading quality and reliability with a design that is inherently safer with greater energy yield. Designed to pair with high-powered modules, the S-Series Microinverter delivers a significant reduction in cost per watt and minimize homeowners’ and installers’ risk in an environment of changing grid standards.


Envoy-S Metered, a bidirectional communications gateway, empowers homeowners to control the energy in their home and enables more cost-effective and reliable installations. The Envoy-S Metered offers consumption monitoring and is zero export compliant, making it ideally suited to solar PV systems in Queensland and New South Wales.

Envoy-S Metered also enables system owners to rightsize their energy storage system to maximize the value of the energy from the owner’s solar system. With more than 20 percent of Australian homes already having installed solar and feed-in tariffs rapidly declining, economically viable energy storage is an attractive proposition that will accelerate the adoption of home energy management and storage.

The Enphase AC Battery is a scalable, modular energy storage system that seamlessly integrates with the Enphase Home Energy Solution. It delivers high performance and superior reliability, allowing homeowners to achieve self-consumption or to simply store solar energy for use at times when grid-supplied energy rates are at their peak. For installers, the Enphase AC Battery provides lower upfront costs and higher lifetime value, especially for retrofits, where the economics are the best in the industry. From the perspective of utilities, the intelligent, networked Enphase AC Battery is a powerful vehicle for distributed storage models, since it incorporates Enphase’s signature fleet-level performance monitoring and remote upgrade capabilities.


Enphase Enlighten is a cloud-based platform that connects the Enphase Home Energy Solution with smart devices for an intelligent home. System owners use Enphase Enlighten to monitor their home’s solar generation, battery storage and consumption from any web- enabled device. System owners may also connect their Enphase system with other smart home apps, including Google’s Nest.


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