Overview of Emil Otto solar panel cleaning agents

Emil Otto solar panel cleaning agents

Emil Otto is expanding its range of solar panel cleaning agents: EO-SMC-001 to -004. Each variant is similar in formulation and area of application with key differences.

“Our participation in Intersolar 2023 showed us that the demand for specific cleaning agents for this area of application is extremely high. We have therefore decided to develop additional new products for the upcoming Intersolar and present them in Munich,” explains Markus Geßner, Head of Marketing and Sales at Emil Otto GmbH.

The German flux and cleaning specialist is presenting the four new products at Intersolar 2024 in Munich, but they are also available in the United States. All four Emil Otto solar panel cleaning agents have been developed specifically for cleaning solar modules.

EO-SMC-001: VOC-free cleaning agent

EO-SMC-001 is a mild alkaline, VOC-free cleaning agent. The cleaner has a mild odor, is water-based and therefore biodegradable, a ready-to-use product and can be used for both manual and automatic cleaning of solar modules.

EO-SMC-001’s wetting properties on surfaces allow it to be applied by spraying, brushing or other automatic cleaning systems. The alkaline formulation has a high degree of efficiency, which helps to effectively remove both acidic and saline soiling. After cleaning, no greasy residues or other contaminants are left behind, which could affect the efficiency of the solar module. Due to its water base, the cleaning agent is not classified as a hazardous product.

EO-SMC-002 and -003 (pH neutral)

Emil Otto solar panel cleaning agents EO-SMC-002 and -003 are similar. EO-SMC-002 is a mildly acidic cleaning agent, while EO-SMC-003 is based on a neutral formulation. The cleaning results and application properties of both cleaning agents are the same as those of EO-SMC-001. However, due to its neutral formulation, EO-SMC-003 is a pH-neutral cleaner. PH-neutral cleaners are particularly gentle on sensitive materials. Soiling and deposits on the modules, such as dust, pollen or dirt from road traffic, can be reliably removed with EO-SMC-003.

EO-SMC-004: Lichen, moss removal

The new product range is completed by the water-based cleaning agent EO-SMC-004, which was specially developed for removing lichens, mosses, algae and some types of mold. This cleaner is based on an active oxygen formulation. The EO-SMC-004 can also be used to efficiently remove acidic and saline soiling.

“As many solar installations are located on meadows or green areas, we have focused on high environmental compatibility. Therefore, all new cleaning agents can be used in these environments without any problems. They contain neither flammable nor corrosive additives and can be rinsed off the modules with water after use. Residual foams etc. have no negative impact on fauna and flora,” says Geßner.

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