Xendee PROPOSE streamlines microgrid, EV fast charging project proposals


The sale and development of distributed energy systems and EV fast-charging projects is complex, and many teams struggle to present their capabilities without performing in-depth technical studies. Distributed energy system design platform Xendee added a sales and business development tool earlier this year, PROPOSE, that streamlines the process of generating proposals accurately and quickly.

“With PROPOSE, sales professionals can focus on sales, rather than technical details,” said Adib Nasle, Co-Founder and CEO of Xendee. “We automate the complex task of quoting EV fast charging and distributed energy projects through a consistent process designed to optimize sales productivity, boost scalability, and decrease RFP response times.”

Xendee PROPOSE innovation

Xendee PROPOSE enables business development and sales teams to easily create EV fast-charging and distributed energy system proposals, and confidently respond to RFPs.

“One of the key innovations with PROPOSE is that it allows seamless transfer of proposals into our detailed DESIGN solution for bankable project planning,” said Scott Mitchell, Co-founder and Chief Software Architect of Xendee. “Our partners can now complete the entire project lifecycle from proposal, feasibility, and design through real-time operations in one platform, ensuring investment-ready infrastructure project pipelines while enabling enormous savings of both time and cost.”

According to Xendee’s initial data, the time spent was reduced by a remarkable 90%.

Xendee PROPOSE generates proposals within minutes and allows for rapid feasibility studies that leverage multiple investment paths. PROPOSE also enables pricing accuracy for sales professionals without the need for extensive engineering and analysis.

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