What to know about Supernova 180, the Wallbox EV fast charger for U.S. market

Wallbox supernova 180

Wallbox has a new dc fast EV charger (DCFC) entering production, Supernova 180, to serve the North American market. Supernova 180 is Wallbox’s third-generation DC fast EV charger, and it is based on the tech of Supernova 60 and Supernova 150 that were released in Europe.

Supernova 180 has broad EV compatibility and will be available with both CCS1 and NACS connectors over the course of 2024.

“Having sold over 2,000 Supernova’s predominately in Europe, the most mature EV market, we are confident that Supernova 180 will help accelerate the transition to EVs in North America by solving some of the key barriers preventing wide-spread adoption, such as reliability and broad accessibility,” says Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of Wallbox North America.

Future-proofed power | Supernova 180 allows for future power upgrades to future-proof EV charging investments. Supernova 180 has a high power-to-dimension ratio and can deliver up to 180 kW of charging power, meaning it can add 100 miles of range in under 10 minutes.

Now, most EVs on the market today have limited charging capacity, but next generation EVs will increasingly have the capacity to charge at up to 180kW. Wallbox uses a flexible module system for its dc fast chargers to ensure they can be upgraded easily as the EV market matures, and driver needs change — upgrading from 60 kW to 120 kW or 180 kW to meet market and site demands.

Smaller size | The smaller footprint also opens up more sites to fast charging opportunities, including locations with limited space and power such as gas stations, car dealerships, and shopping malls. Each Supernova 180 unit is able to charge two EVs simultaneously, commonly referred to as split charging. Wallbox says its built-in power redistribution smarts will ensure efficient use of the available energy.

Supernova’s six module design also allows for versatile deployment across various locations and can enable cheaper installation that can be safely managed with either a forklift or crane. The Supernova 180 body-form has also won design accolades such as the Good Design and the IF Design Award 2022 for its forward-looking design, which is subtle and minimalist. It is rated to NEMA 3R and IK10 to withstand the needs of public infrastructure.

Uptime design | One of the biggest pain points of the EV market is uptime. The Supernova 180 solution is incorporating six 30 kW power modules. So, if one of the six modules fails, Supernova 180 will continue to charge an EV using the remaining five modules, only slightly reducing the power output.

Wallbox guarantees peace of mind with its DC Fast Charging solution, backed by the Wallbox Care Program. This service offers reduced maintenance costs, corrective maintenance, and rapid issue resolution via tailored service levels.

User experience | In terms of user experience, Supernova 180 has several notable features including improved cable handling, numerous payment options (including credit card and RFID), an interactive light system, and a 10-in. sunlight-readable color screen with an IK10 rating to ensure users can interact with a reliable and easy to read screen.

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