Vinyasun looks to capture Florida solar market with zero-down model

Florida ranks third in rooftop solar potential with 300 days of available sun to make power, but ranks just 13th in the nation for actual amount of solar energy installed. A disappointing disconnect that might be starting to turnaround with reports that Florida’s largest utilities are beginning to develop hundreds of acres into solar power plants.

Vinyasun, a rooftop solar company, is poised to help to turn the tide as well. The company has tapped one of Florida’s best minds in rooftop solar and solar public policy, Justin Hoysradt, to lead their product expansion which will offer Florida homeowners the option to switch to solar energy for zero down.

Vinyasun“Florida is finally at its tipping point,” Hoysradt said. “A no money down financing plan has been long needed to supplement the states already strong net-metering program.” Net-metering, is the billing system that allows solar system owners to receive fair credit for the clean energy they occasionally put back on to the power grid. It’s a program that all Florida’s utilities are required to provide and as a benefit it reduces the need for additional fossil fuel plant development.

For homeowners the biggest challenge has been the upfront investment needed to buy solar panels and the equipment that connects them to the grid. Vinyasun is eliminating that challenge and delivering homeowners an immediate opportunity to begin saving on day one.

Vinyasun’s program is similar to equipment rental agreements like solar leases or the power purchase agreement. Providing the rooftop solar panels for no money down accompanied by a long-term agreement for energy services results in guarantees related to the production and cost of energy.

“We are going to lead solar ownership as a service,” Hoysradt said. “You own it, we maintain it, plus guarantee it produces the energy we promise or we pay you if it doesn’t.”

Hoysradt will lead the team as the CEO and is excited to grow a team that will help thousands of homeowners each year make the switch to solar. He will also maintain a role directing public policy as he believes there is still a lot of need to educate policy makers in Tallahassee of the opportunities solar will have on Florida’s economy.

“More than ever before, our policy makers are in great need of leadership from advocates and the business community to help guide them on important topics that affect the economy,” Hoysradt says. “There are a lot of good people traveling to Tallahassee that want to make the right decisions for the people of Florida. I plan on being there to help them make the decisions on the important role solar will play in growing Florida’s economy so we can continue to hire hard working Floridians and Veterans. That conversation still includes maintaining low energy rates and reducing taxes on businesses.”

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