Utility-scale solar string design webinar: Distributed vs. centralized strategies

CPS string inverter design

When designing a large site one consideration is string or central inverters? Both have well defined benefits. Historically, the large utility-scale sites have mainly relied upon central inverters. Now a third option, the Virtual Central, is paving the way for string inverters into this space.

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Higher powered string inverters, longer strings at 1,500 Vdc and better communication options make these string inverters viable candidates for large projects. In order to know which architecture to choose, first you need to know the benefits and drawbacks of distributed string, virtual central and central systems. One style may not fit all, but the right inverter can fit into multiple architectures.

In this Solar Builder webinar next week, CPS America will discuss the benefits and disadvantages to both the distributed and centralized string architectures and how the design choice affects installers, developers and site owners. Sign up for free here.

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