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Streakwave to distribute Ubiquiti Energy’s plug-and-play PV system for solar contractors

sunmax pv system

Streakwave Wireless Inc. announced new partnership with Ubiquiti Energy LLC for the immediate distribution of sunMAX — a complete, plug-and-play solar system solution, designed for independent contractors to quickly and easily establish a solar installation business. It is available as a kit or as separate parts, and boasts a number of benefits for installers.

Ubiquiti Energy says its sunMAX hardware offers advantages such as simplified installations for reduced deployment time, optimal performance using proprietary microinverters and customized rail-less mounting systems. SunLink and sunMAX monitoring systems, also included as part of the kit, enable installers to easily design a system, create proposals, apply for permitting and generate a complete bill of materials for ordering.

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Solar energy helps consumers reduce energy costs, increase home values, and achieve energy independence. There is also a variety of monetary incentives for solar installation available from local and federal governments.

“We are excited to provide our customers with a new opportunity to generate additional revenue for their businesses,” said Carl Moberg, CEO of Streakwave. “The different DIY kits available on our site make it easy for customers to get started.”

“Given the booming state of the solar industry, Streakwave has analyzed and embraced sunMAX,” said Jamie Higley, sunMAX product manager at Ubiquiti. “Their trained sales team, combined with free Ubiquiti services, allows contractors to quickly tap into a lucrative market with a vast amount of potential.”

DIY sunMAX kits are available for purchase on Streakwave.com. Kits are offered in 2,000 Watt, 4,000 Watt and 8,000 Watt systems. Prices for kits range from $2,995, $5,985 and $11,975, respectively.


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