Trina Solar has 210-mm silicon wafer, 500-W solar panels ready to roll off production lines

Trina solar 210 module

Trina Solar Co. says its first large-size module with a 210 mm silicon wafer developed by the company, aptly named the 210 module, is now rolling off their production line. The move will greatly accelerate time-to-market for large-size modules.

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Inside the 210

Trina Solar initiated the R&D of 210 modules last year. Based on the company’s leading multi-busbar technology, the first 210 module adopts an innovative 1/3-cut design. Based on a comprehensive consideration of potential challenges including strong module power, yield, manufacturing difficulties, hot spot risks, output current performance and junction box safety, Trina Solar’s multi-busbar and 1/3-cut design will pave the way for the compatibility and integration of large-size, high-power modules and downstream systems.

“With decades of accumulated experience in process and technology, we are confident that we can leverage the latest materials and technologies to create another high-performance and reliable module for the photovoltaic (PV) industry,” said the head of engineering technology R&D at Trina Solar. “Currently, our team is accelerating the transformation of our latest R&D outcomes into products that can go into mass production, leading the PV industry into the era of 500W module power.”


  1. Tell me where I can get them I am in Tucson Arizona

    • Independent Electric Supply is in Tuscon and is a distributor. Independent Electric is located at 1135 East Palmdale Street in Tucson, Arizona 85714. Contact us by phone (520) 908-7900 or fax (520) 746-4008. Garret Boykin

  2. Voltage detail. Efficiency . Solar panels life
    . Are warranty details send me

  3. George Gordon says:

    If you read the story, not the headline, the “500-watt panels” are to be developed. They don’t exist now.

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    We want ..manufacturing in India in large scale give your reply thanks

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    Live in Illinois interested in going solar. PLEASE send me your information and pricing. The more information and photos the better.