Tigo’s newest rapid shutdown device is UL certified with the largest network of inverters

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Since announcing the TS4-A-2F, Tigo has seen significant demand for it as PV system owners, installers, and distributors look for reliable and cost-effective ways to fulfill National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for module-level rapid shutdown. It is now reaching rooftops all across the country.

“We’ve had more demand for the 2F than any other product we’ve launched,” said Sarah Ozga, Product Manager at Tigo. “Our customers want reliable and economical rapid shutdown solutions and we’re pleased to deliver.”

The TS4-A-2F builds on Tigo’s core technology, which is installed on a fleet of modules around the world, generating gigawatt hours of solar energy every single day. It can connect to two PV modules, resulting in less equipment, fewer connections, and faster installations times compared to other devices.

The TS4-A-2F was recently certified by UL as Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Equipment (PVRSE), which was the last regulatory milestone required for the product. Tigo has also partnered with the largest network of inverter manufacturers to certify inverters and Tigo Rapid Shutdown devices as UL PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS). UL PVRSE and PVRSS certifications are necessary as part of the module-level rapid shutdown requirements, which apply to all new rooftop PV installations under NEC 2017 and 2020 guidelines.

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“We see a massive growth opportunity for our 2F solution – not just across the US, but in more countries around the world – as they adopt similar rapid shutdown requirements as the US,” said Sarah.

Tigo’s large network of approved inverters gives customers the freedom to choose from hundreds of inverter models with the assurance that the combined system meets rapid shutdown safety requirements and be a UL approved rapid shutdown system.

“We take a lot of pride in putting a reliable, tested, and certified product out on the market,” said Sarah. “Our inverter partners have been instrumental in getting the certified product to market with many different inverter options.”

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