Three solar trackers (22-kW) installed at California elementary school

AllEarth Renewables trackers

AllEarth Solar Trackers are producing power with three 7.3 kW solar array trackers for Grenada Elementary.

Three state-of-the-art American made solar trackers are now powering the Grenada Elementary School in Grenada, Calif., thanks to Sharpe Energy Solutions, based in Ashland, Ore. Sharpe is an engineering, procurement, and project management firm that has performed more than 140 energy audits for schools in the Oregon and Northern California area in the last few years to procure state funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy project.

This particular 22-kW solar project is net metered to offset the electrical bills of Grenada Elementary, which educates approximately 180 students from kindergarten to 8th grade in northern California.
Sharpe Energy Solutions, an engineering, procurement, and construction management company, procured the financing for the installations from California’s Proposition 39 program, which is a jobs creation program that provides all California schools with resources for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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The newly installed project utilized American-made AllEarth Solar Trackers, which track the sun throughout the day to maximize energy production. The ground-mounted pre-engineered solar trackers are designed for residential and commercial-scale installations and are manufactured in Williston, Vt. by AllEarth Renewables.

The AllEarth Trackers produce approximately 40 percent more energy than equivalently sized fixed-mount systems for this location. Here is a feature we wrote on the product and its benefits for both installer and customer.

“We are excited to be utilizing AllEarth’s technology to help rural schools move their energy systems into the future, and proud to be empowering school communities to operate their own renewable energy systems,” said Jeff Sharpe, Senior Engineer at Sharpe Energy Solutions.

Grenada School Principal and Superintendent Ginger Lee Charles expressed pleasant surprise at the speed with which the trackers were installed. “We are really impressed with Proposition 39 program, and appreciate SES’s work in spearheading our projects,” she said.

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