This solar EV charger from dcbel is a full energy management system

, a Montreal-based producer of smart home energy appliances, launched its flagship product, the r16, in the U.S. earlier this year and recently raised another $7.5 million in VC funding (in addition to $40 million in April) to keep on expanding.

dcbel r16 connects a home’s electrical panel, EV, solar, and stationary batteries to create a cost-efficient and sustainable energy management system. Its focus on EV charging is what really stands out. Dcbel’s hardware and AI software can charge your EV and power your home via solar or utility service, and in the event of a blackout, it can draw from solar and your EV’s huge battery to keep things running.

It features both a 9.2-kW L2 EV charger and a 15.2-kW Fast DC bidirectional EV charger, 2 7.6-kW MMPT solar inverters, a 15.2-kW battery charger/inverter, and a smart home energy management system all in one elegant package. At $4,999 per unit, that’s less than half the cost of those components purchased individually. One dcbel would replace the following components:Level 2 EV charger

  • Fast DC bidirectional EV charger
  • Two MPPT solar inverters
  • Stationary battery charger/inverter
  • Home energy manager

As a result of the additional financing:

  • Manufacturing of the dcbel r16 intelligent home charger will start in Québec, Canada with additional US & EU manufacturing capabilities to be announced in 2022.
  • New dcbel r16 units will be available for sale & installation in California, New York, and Texas this fall.
  • dcbel will continue to promote sustainability through innovative technology.

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