This residential solar+storage system manages energy based on budget

At Intersolar 2016, we got an up-close look at cool new features in JLM Energy‘s energy management system, the Energizr 200, which is making a big push into the residential solar-plus-storage conversation with strategic partner Fronius.

JLM Fronius solar storage

The new holistic system on display at Intersolar 2016.

“We are excited that Fronius was chosen to be part of this innovative solution,” said Tristan Kreager, Director of Solar Energy for Fronius. “This highlights our commitment to open standards for integration into other systems and the flexibility of our inverters, providing home owners with holistic solutions.”

Energizr 200 is a holistic solution that works in harmony with solar power and the conventional grid to meet a predetermined budget set by the homeowner. A significant benefit of the system is that it provides customers the ability to manage self-supply and time-of-use scenarios by combining solar plus storage. This is especially important in states like California, Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada where net metering is going away and residential demand charges are being added.

The Energizr 200 has a solar power capacity ranging from 3.8 kW to 8.2 kW (based on the Fronius Primo inverter) and energy storage capacity ranging from 5.2 kWh to 20.8 kWh in increments of 2.6 kWh.

Founder and CEO Farid Dibachi walked us through the new technology and system functionality. Here are some quick highlights:

• Patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation (SDCR) technology reduces installation and operation cost by up to 50%.

• A Fronius Primo inverter that connects directly to Wi-Fi, providing customers with immediate data on how much power they are consuming and how much power the solar system is producing.

• Integration with the Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat so customers can remotely pre-cool their home during less expensive hours and avoid peak rates during the dinner hour.

JLM’s intuitive Measurz software platform maintains wireless communication with both the inverter and thermostat.

“We’ve had a cohesive process working with Fronius. This strong partnership will continue to result in customer-focused technology advancements,” Dibachi said.

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