This off-grid tiny home from Nature’s Generator can also power a main home

Nature's Generator Tiny Home

The all-electric, solar-powered home is the future, but why wait? Nature’s Generator is ready to send a kit to build one in your backyard right now.

Pictured above is the Tiny House Home365, which showcases the Powerhouse system from Nature’s Generator. The Home365 is energy independent itself and when located in a backyard, and it can also provide a power solution for the main house.

“If local ordinances permit, the Home365 can be used as an accessory dwelling,” CEO Lawrence Zhou explains. “Due to the difficulty finding affordable housing, more cities have adopted streamlined permits allowing qualified tiny homes to be accessory units. If a local tiny home ordinance does not exist yet, or a property is not well-suited for a tiny home, then a homeowner can still purchase a Powerhouse renewable-energy system to power their home.”

Nature’s Generator Powerhouse system features a 240v/7200-watt pure sine wave inverter capable of powering a house. Depending on a homeowner’s electricity needs, the system can be expanded with extra Power Pods to add energy storage capacity. Each system-expanding Power Pod provides an additional 4.8kWh of battery storage above the 4.8kWh included with the Powerhouse.

The 24-foot Home365 roof can hold eight 410W solar panels that attach with solid rails. Additionally, the Powerhouse system can work with a Transfer Switch which powers the main home from Powerhouse system.

The home itself is built with structural light steel, full-sized doors, windows, shower, toilet, sinks and additionally has room for full-sized refrigerator.

“The Home365 can be used as an off-grid home on a vacation property because its power solution allows the ultimate energy independence. The Home365 even has a 240V outlet for EV charging,” says Zhou.

The Home 365 can currently be pre-ordered starting from $5,000 for the DIY structural light steel house-framing kit if it’s planned for a permanent foundation. Or $15,000 for the trailer and the house-framing-kit for the people who want a moveable tiny home. Or $25,000 for the trailer and house-framing “dry-in” kit that includes roof, windows, doors, and outside vinyl siding for the people who prefer faster building. The power solution and accessories are extra.

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