The Pitch: Mosaic explains contactless solar sales and 12-month zero payment deal

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Today on the Pitch we look at a new residential solar financing program from Mosaic, PowerSwitch Zero, that requires no payments for 12 months, plus a slick contact-less way to make the sale — Portal 2X. It’s all perfectly aligned for this difficult, Covid-era time in residential solar sales. Here to explain how it all works is Mosaic Chief Lending Officer Erin Talbot.

“What we desire to do with PowerSwitch Zero is alleviate some of the homeowner’s concerns and give them a year to address the economic uncertainty that all of us are living in day by day right now and give them some breathing room,” Talbot tells us.

The deal plus the new Portal 2X loan application process removes a lot of friction in the home solar sales routine both from the installer and customer side. Portal 2X has some cool features, like being able to text the loan application link to a customer so that everyone can keep their distance during a sale, whether that’s in person or over the phone or video chat. Your customers can also easily bundle in other home energy efficiency or home improvement upgrades, like a new roof or a battery.

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