The 3 IN 1 integrated solar roof passes UL 1703 testing

3 in 1 roof

One of the more intriguing integrated solar roof systems, the 3 IN 1, just completed a test plan for UL 1703 approval and is waiting its certified paperwork.

UL 1703 is a mandated group of tests every high-energy output solar product must pass in order to be rightfully certified and legally sold in the marketplace. Traditional solar panels have been achieving UL 1703 compliance for decades which standardized their component compositions long ago, meaning acquiring certification is no longer a challenge.

Integrated solar systems are new to the market, lending quite a different story. All sorts of problems arise when solar cells come in contact with the roof coverings and that explains why this sector of the industry experiences slow growth. Including today’s news only two true integrated solar roofs have passed UL 1703 testing, the other being Luma (not Tesla).

3 IN 1 ROOF details

The 3 IN 1 ROOF has a lifetime warranty, near 20 percent crystalline solar efficiency, retro-fits any sloped roof, installs between $4 – $4.50 per watt, and has High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) approval. But the biggest separator for the 3 IN 1 versus competitors is the thick 3 lb foam embodiment that eliminates rooftop solar gains from entering the structure, which means high-performance attic areas, in-turn reducing loads on A/C units.

3 IN 1 ROOF tiles withstand over 50 repeated “Class-4” pinpoint impacts before the underlayment is compromised. The 3 IN 1 team says its roof can be traversed across without damaging the module and can withstand sustained wind-speeds of +200 mph.

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