tenKsolar and Sun to Sun Complete 100-kW Pennsylvania Project

tenKsolar and Sun to Sun, LLC jointly announced the completion of a solar PV system rated at 100 kW located in Allentown, Pa.

Working with the building owner, Sun to Sun selected tenKsolar’s RAIS Wave system for this project in order to maximize the energy production throughout the year. Stace Rader, COO of Sun to Sun, commented, “For a flat commercial roof in northern latitudes where snow is inevitable, tenKsolar’s proprietary RAIS Wave technology is superior. The goal of solar is to produce electric energy every day. When selecting solar the goal is maximizing energy production at a reasonable cost per kilowatt hour, not the lowest cost per watt installed.”

Joel Cannon, CEO of tenKsolar added, “We are particularly pleased to be working with Sun to Sun – their focus on the highest level of service to their customer is exactly what we value in a partner. Sun to Sun understands that the key metric in solar is maximizing long term energy production and that is where tenKsolar leads the industry.”

The roof mounted PV system is comprised of 405 tenKsolar 180 watt RAIS PV modules for a total of 72.9 kW DC. By utilizing the self-ballasting RAIS WAVE racking, the system is mounted with no roof penetrations. Also, with the integrated RAIS Light-Smart reflectors, the system will produce more energy per roof than conventional serial PV systems, with a projected output of 114,000 kWh per year.

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