Sunstone Credit loans now available for businesses shopping for solar on EnergySage

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EnergySage added solar loan finance platform Sunstone Credit to its solar marketplace, making it easier for businesses, including nonprofits, to understand their options. Now, through the partnership with Sunstone, any business or property owner that registers with EnergySage to comparison-shop custom quotes for a solar energy system will have access to financing via Sunstone’s suite of low-rate, long-term loan solutions.

“Historically, getting a loan for a solar energy system has been a major barrier for most businesses and nonprofits,” said Charlie Hadlow, VP of Marketplace Growth at EnergySage. “Small and medium-sized businesses have been overlooked and underserved for too long by our industry despite their enormous impact on the economy, their potential to help combat climate-change, and the many benefits of switching to solar as a business. By teaming up with Sunstone, EnergySage is able to quote any business interested in going solar through our Marketplace, a financing solution that’ll cover 100% of the cost.”

Without the availability of loans for solar, businesses would need to pay cash for their system or navigate the considerable complexities of government sponsored lending programs and third party owned arrangements. Sunstone’s easy, borrower-friendly loan financing solutions will enable more businesses to reap all the benefits of solar ownership including utility and tax bill savings, energy independence and environmental sustainability.

“The Sunstone mission has always been about helping businesses save money and become more sustainable through access to clean, renewable solar energy,” said Duncan Hinkle, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Sunstone. “Having a partner as well-regarded and mission-aligned in this pursuit as EnergySage will accelerate our ability to bring low cost, efficient financing to business borrowers and grow the commercial solar market for years to come.”

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