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Sunrun partners with Citadel Roofing to serve California’s new-build home solar market

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Citadel Roofing & Solar, one of California’s largest and most experienced roofing and solar installers, announced its official partnership with Sunrun to offer solar-as-a-service and solar purchase products to California homebuilders and their homebuyers for as little as zero upfront cost. With this agreement, Citadel will be able to offer fully warrantied roofing, solar, and battery storage systems combined with Sunrun’s solar service and purchase options across the state.

As California prepares for the enactment of its landmark policy that will incorporate solar on all new homes starting in 2020, this partnership will further improve access to home solar for residents and new homebuyers across the state.

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Sunrun’s solar-as-a-service model enables households to access rooftop solar for as little as zero dollars down and at a low monthly rate. The solar-as-a-service model is particularly well-suited to the new homes market because it can help homeowners and builders add solar for little-to-no upfront cost and give families the tools they need to better manage their energy bills.

“We are excited to partner with companies like Citadel to ensure that builders throughout the state of California have access to our best-in-class solar-as-a-service solutions while using trade partners they trust,” said Helmut Gehle, Senior Director of New Homes at Sunrun. “The combination of Sunrun’s reliable financing solutions with Citadel’s reliable construction expertise makes perfect sense, and offers a win-win for both builders and homebuyers.”

Demand for residential solar is expected to increase following the California Energy Commission’s solar mandate for new residential construction, which goes into effect January 1, 2020. There already are approximately 1 million California homes equipped with solar panels generating nearly 5 million kilowatts of electricity.

“California builders are looking for partners to simplify compliance with the new solar mandate, and this agreement allows us to deliver roofing, solar systems, installation, and financing from a single source,” said Aaron Nitzkin, Executive Vice President of Solar for Citadel. “Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution for builders that allows them to offer more options for homebuyers, whether they want to buy their solar system or access through a solar service plan as part of a new home purchase. This partnership with Sunrun is an ideal complement to our existing solar offerings, and we can offer builders attractive bundled pricing on combined roofing, solar, and battery storage installations along with purchase and service options.”

One of the challenges facing California builders is a shortage of skilled installers to meet the new demand for solar generated by the solar mandate. Unlike other solar installers that use contract laborers and/or lack roofing expertise, Citadel Roofing & Solar has the advantage of maintaining a dedicated, trained roofing and solar installation team.

“Through levering our strong labor force to manage the installation of both the roof and solar system, we are able to deliver a fully warrantied solution, which provides peace of mind to the contractor and the homebuyer,” Nitzkin adds.

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  • Joseph R Manning
    October 24, 2019 23:48:54

    I had Sunrun install solar on my home about 8 or 9 months ago. I just had a roof inspection and the roofers said that when they installed my system, the workers broke about ten tiles on my roof. The installers are the only one’s that have been on my roof. Can I expect them to repair my roof. My house is just one year old.

  • jorge grijalva
    October 25, 2019 00:12:16

    I have solar installed last year by sunrun and I will like to get the solar batteries storages energy; Can you tell me more?