Sunnova is now offering solar leases in Florida

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Sunnova Energy Corp. has expanded its solar offerings in the state of Florida to include solar leases as a way to provide additional energy options for homeowners. This news comes on the heels of Sunnova’s entrance into the Florida market earlier this month with a solar finance agreement offering.

“We’re finally at a point where we are able to offer Floridians not just one option for how they can power their lives with solar, but two,” said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova Energy Corporation. “We are excited to work with our Florida partners to provide customers with clean and competitive opportunities to better control their monthly electricity bills while reducing the amount of energy they have to pull from the grid.”

Earlier this month, after determining that a lease agreement did not constitute a retail sale of electricity, the Florida Public Service Commission voted unanimously to eliminate ambiguity that had prevented companies from selling home solar lease products. Before this action, Floridians had previously been unable to lease solar systems for fear of violating onerous utility regulations. Now, Sunnova is able to offer a lease of rooftop solar equipment to Florida homeowners that is consistent with this ruling.

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“Thanks to the PSC’s recent vote, the regulatory skies have cleared making solar leases a viable energy option for Floridians,” said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunnova Energy Corporation. “This decision upholds and protects our belief that we must let markets and consumers decide what energy solutions work best for them, and in Florida, we’re seeing that translate into demand for rooftop solar.”

“Consumers in Florida are looking for more options to go solar,” said Yann Brandt, CEO of SolarWakeup. “All of my neighbors ask me how they can go solar and now, with Sunnova’s lease and solar finance agreement plans, homeowners will be putting the sun to work in the Sunshine State.”

By offering various rooftop solar system solutions, Sunnova will give customers in Florida the opportunity to lease their systems through Sunnova’s Easy Save plan, or to own their systems through Sunnova’s Easy Own plan. Click here for more information on going solar in Florida.

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