SunEarth, Nyle Water Heating Systems debut solar water series heat pump for multi-family, commercial sites

SunEarth Inc. is teaming with Nyle Water Heating Systems of Brewer, Maine, on a scalable solar water series heat pump water heater for the multi-family/commercial sector.

Heat pumps are well known for being an eco-friendly way to provide heating and cool. Used in a commercial context, they not only save energy costs, but can contribute to reducing a company’s carbon footprint while opening new business opportunities.

Leveraging solar water heating and heat pump efficiencies allow SunEarth’s scalable Solar Series Heat Pump Water Heater to provide up to a 90% reduction in system operation cost over historical water heating solutions.

“Air to water heat pumps are at their basis an indirect solar water heater utilizing solar energy stored in ambient air to reduce the electrical energy required to meet the load conditions,” stated Adam Chrisman, SunEarth President. “Combining this incredible technology from the experts at Nyle Water Heating with direct solar heating allows a solar water heating system to provide hot water no matter the forecast with tremendous efficiency.”

Factory integration of heat pump water heaters with modern solar-thermal technology is an ideal combination,” stated Ryan Hamilton, Nyle Water Heating Systems President “What we’re doing is integrating these technologies with a combined 88-years of experience between the companies to bear a segment-shifting solution which offers eye-popping efficiencies and cost-benefits for owners.”

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