Soltas Energy Begins Construction on 3.5-MW Solar Power Install

Soltas Energy announced commencement of construction for a 3.5-MW solar power plant in Northern Central Massachusetts. The system utilizes over 12,000 panels and will cover over 17 acres land. In addition, inverters from Solectria Renewables in Lawrence, Mass., as well as racking components supplied by Gamechange Racking, manufactured in Hudson, Mass., will showcase as part of the installation. The power plant is anticipated to service local government and business customers with clean, renewable solar electricity for decades to come.

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Andrew Worden, CEO of Soltas Energy said:  “This is the fifth large solar power plant in Massachusetts and first multiple megawatt ground based system in the Commonwealth. As a leader of building, owning and operating solar power plants, we are proud to be able to provide clean renewable power at a lower cost to local government and business customers, partner with local workers, and help the communities with increased tax revenues.”


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