Solar point of sale platform Loanpal rebrands as GoodLeap

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Loanpal, a point-of-sale platform for sustainable home solutions, announced that the company has rebranded to GoodLeap. The shift to GoodLeap demonstrates the company’s growth into a broader sustainable solutions marketplace that unites business partners, consumers and financial institutions. This evolution comes as GoodLeap expands its product offerings in home improvement.

Sustainable home upgrades represent an estimated $430 billion annual market opportunity in the United States. As of today, GoodLeap’s enhanced technology platform supports a wide range of sustainable products, including rooftop solar, battery storage, resilient roofing, efficient HVAC systems, geothermal heating, water saving landscaping, energy saving windows, heat pumps, solar thermal, LED lights and more.

What’s new? GoodLeap has created a marketplace that facilitates easy, transparent financing of these sustainable home solutions. The company’s open API software platform equips business partners with digital-first tools to accelerate their growth. The technology also removes cost barriers for homeowners by providing flexible payment options, and creates an efficient channel for financial institutions to deploy their capital in high-performing environmental, social and governance (ESG) assets. With the addition of 17 new products and ability to bundle multiple products into a single loan, the company is poised to change the way the home improvement industry operates.

“With our technology, the sustainable option is now the preferential economic option, empowering more Americans to choose home upgrades that benefit the planet and save their hard-earned money,” said Hayes Barnard, Founder, Chairman and CEO of GoodLeap. “At a time when consumers are investing more than ever in living sustainably, GoodLeap’s software platform is positioned to reshape the market by providing our business partners with the seamless, customizable technology they need to deploy sustainable products at scale.”

Since 2018, GoodLeap has provided approximately $6.5 billion of capital for sustainable home improvements, empowering more than 185,000 consumers to update their homes with modern, carbon-reducing solutions. The platform is actively used by more than 13,000 sales professionals at more than 350 companies, driving market expansion that supports more than 40,000 clean energy jobs across the United States.

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