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Solar-Log USA rolls out PV system monitoring as a service with Solar-Log WEB-4U

SolarLog WEB 4U

Solar monitoring services are valuable to the solar system owners and to installers as an ongoing part of their relationship with the customer. Solar Data Systems is rolling out the latest service in its line of Solar-Log performance monitoring and energy management solutions, Solar-Log WEB-4U. With this service, Solar-Log professionals can pro-actively monitor solar plant performance from one central command unit.

Solar-Log WEB-4U is an excellent service option for small installers looking to increase their O&M arm without a substantial increase in overhead. It is also an excellent option for large installers with a big commercial and/or residential fleet. As a valuable time and cost savings tool, Solar-Log WEB-4U provides a way for installers to offer service agreements as an additional revenue stream and a tactical advantage to beat out the competition.

“Monitoring as a service means that our technicians offer full-service monitoring to our customers,” said Silvia Blumenschein, CEO of Solar Data Systems, Inc. “Solar-Log WEB-4U was developed to help our customers increase the efficiency of the O&M process and lower back-end costs. Customers have the assurance that professional technicians are monitoring their fleet using the best performance software available in the commercial and residential space.”

How it works

Solar-Log WEB Enerest users can sign up for a Solar-Log WEB-4U contract, eliminating the need for their team to do daily checks and analysis on their solar PV plants while still ensuring the health of their fleet. The primary objective is that system failures, performance errors, and site communication issues are detected immediately. The Solar-Log WEB-4U team notifies the customer and includes an explanation of the failure, indicating the possible solution. This allows the field technician to take timely action and ensures minimal plant downtime.

As part of the service package, Solar-Log technicians apply a 39-point check to make sure all devices are installed properly and communicating through the Solar-Log WEB Enerest portal. Fault messages are reviewed, checked for plausibility, and reported with possible solutions. Customers are informed of any plant performance errors immediately, reducing downtime and maximizing power production. Customers are also provided with customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports on the health of their solar PV plant fleet.

Solar-Log provides a highly streamlined data driven platform through a combination of hardware, software, and services. Data from different devices is collected, validated, normalized, transferred, and displayed in a single window. Fast pace visualization tracks the performance and quality of solar energy installations. Solar-Log also creates a monitoring service platform and a data driven knowledge-base for evaluating asset performance history.

The Solar-Log WEB-4U service includes a configuration check to confirm that all of the devices are detected and communicating with the Solar-Log. It also ensures that specifications, like orientation and pitch, are properly defined to help with accurate yield forecasting and more precise performance alerts. The configuration check is also offered as a stand-alone service to Solar-Log WEB Enerest users.

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